Armory Week Pick of the Day: Marina Adams and Lizzie Scott

From Hudson, New York, Galerie Gris commanded a tour de force of a pairing in the inner sanctum of Zürcher’s Bleecker Street premises, with the radically informal abstraction of Marina Adams and Lizzie Scott. The irregular shapes of dazzling color in Adams look like they want to flop onto the floor in luxuriating heaps; the works of Scott actually do just just. - See more at:


Lizzie Scott on Romanov Grave


“In your recent paintings, which you call textile pieces or textile constructions, flexibility is presented in many different forms. The paintings themselves are flexible, their presentation is adjustable, the edges are soft and the center is spongy. Even the overall shape looks like the typical painting rectangle has become flexible and then bent into your loose polygons. Will you talk about the flexibility and your recent work?”


It’s interesting to me that you begin by calling the Drifters paintings. I mean, obviously they are a kind of painting–they’re painted surfaces. But what’s been important for me about them is the ways they’re very specifically NOT “paintings.”....

Total Styrene slideshow in TimeOut New York

Slideshow of Total Styrene: Breakdown in TimeOut New York, August 10, 2010

8 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before August 12

From styrene happenings at Prospect Park to Rachel Uffner Gallery on the Lower East Side to the John Tevis gallery in Paris, Lizzie Scott’s performance piece “Total Styrene Experience” has been taking to unique locales and inviting guest artists from the dance, music and art worlds to explore the relationship between styrofoam and the body. Now Ms. Scott and collaborator Michael Mahalchick do a stint at Klaus Von Nichtssagend featuring the work by Lizzie Scott, Marcos Rosales, Becca Albee and David Galbraith. Come check out this exploration with the squeaky white packing material as it returns to the L.E.S. —R.J.
Klaus Von Nichtssagend, 54 Ludlow Street, New York, 7-9 p.m.

Floating Island at John Tevis Gallery

...Cities aren't made for the contemplative life. Unless you're Lizzie Scott. "Floating Island," her new show at the John Tevis Gallery in Paris, has the insouciance of fresh discovery, an appreciation of the ordinary that lifts us out of ourselves.

-Robert J. Hughes

Styrene Fantastic at Rachel Uffner, Movement Research Spring Festival '09

" Rachel Uffner’s gallery down the street, an alluring synergy bloomed between Josh Blackwell’s whimsical works on paper depicting colorful items of clothing and The Styrene Fantastic, a work by Lizzie Scott for two female performers, who alternately hoisted and flopped on their unwieldy Styrofoam-filled garments."

-Claudia LaRocco

Happening Sur L'Herbe, Prospect Park

★ THE STYRENE FANTASTIC (Sunday) If you happen to find yourself in Prospect Park between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., keep an eye out for Lizzie Scott’s “Happening sur l’Herbe” on Nellie’s Lawn. Spectators are encouraged to wear white in honor of the last day of summer — and especially if they’re feeling in a participatory mood — and to stay for as little or as long as they like. Prospect Park, Brooklyn ,; free. (La Rocco)(NYTimes)